Let us tell you the story of how VIKS came along.Remember the explorers, invincibly strong?

With their swords and shields they conquered the seas,

sailing on ships, as majestic as could be.

Raised by the Wild North they surely were striking,

these fellas, dear friends, bear the name ‘Vikings’.

Now, let’s fast forward a century and stop at present-day,to introduce you to a modern-day Viking, ready for play.

This reckless thrill-seeker is into sports and so forth,

curious about the past, he traced his legacy North.

Being adventurous enough, he took a chance,

and travelled his way up to his ancestors’ expanse.

He found a deserted, shabby shack,saw the helmet and dusty clothes on the rack.

Little did he know before trying them out,

he suddenly felt what Vikings were about.

He looked at the mirror, it all appeared new.

Nevertheless, he now knew what to do.

His luck took a turn and he became a winner,the word was spread, ‘look for your inner’.

Today he’s scouting his tribe of VIKS,

the new era Vikings to join the winning strike.

Are you fearlessly brave, or something alike?

Now is your chance, to release your inner VIKS!

Viks - by , May 15, 2017
5 / 5stars
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